Piano Lessons by Nancy Frase

   Discovering your unique path to musical achievement





This educational material is written so that a beginning student could start with the first lesson and progress through the subsequent lessons to learn about music and about playing the piano.  This material supplements what is taught in the traditional lessons.


These lessons are written for adults and use adult-level terminology and concepts.  However, at the bottom of each lesson, I have also provided a version of the information that is geared more towards children.


Writing this material is an ongoing project for me.  Therefore, I will be adding more material over time.  Make sure to check back periodically for new information!



Lesson 1: Why Play the Piano?


Lesson 2: Posture at the Piano


Lesson 3: Hand Position


Lesson 4: Default Touch Quality


Lesson 5: White Keys


Lesson 6: Finger Numbers


Lesson 7: The Grand Staff


Lesson 8: The Beat of the Music


Lesson 9: Note Values


Lesson 10: Rest Values